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Urban Ministry and the Neighborhood Church of Baltimore

Urban Ministry and the Neighborhood Church of Baltimore


Rev. Robert C. Meissner

The Reverend Robert (Bob) C. Meissner is a retired Association Conference minister for Illinois UCC. He is also a member of First Congregational UCC in DeKalb. Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, he has served the Church in one capacity or another since 1952, the year he entered seminary. He’s served in a variety of places, some of which include Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, in St. Louis, Missouri, in Minnesota, Illinois, and in Baltimore, Maryland.

He has graciously agreed to share some of his experiences while serving Huber Memorial Church in Baltimore during the 60’s and 70’s. He says that he “took a predominately white middle-class church through the ‘Black Revolution’ so that the church once more was a neighborhood church.” Bob helped to redefine the church’s mission, and in the process, he was changed as well.  

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