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Chancel Choir

The school year has begun, which means the Chancel Choir is back! The choir stalls will soon be filled with singers, and you will hear from us every Sunday until Mother’s Day. We have a wonderful mix of singers this year and, as is tradition, we will continue to employ a handful of Scholarship Singers who add leadership and talent our choir. These are trained vocal students from the area who bring a fresh sound to our already vibrant group. This year, our Scholarship Singers come from NIU, DHS and Kishwaukee College. Alternately, our many loyal members who have been singing with the choir for years, help to add strength and experience to the ensemble. The Chancel Choir remains strong, year after year, because of these dedicated members.

Each Sunday, the Choir helps to connect the scripture, the prayer and the message through music. The choir also brings musical meaning to the extra services throughout the year, such as Easter, Good Friday and Christmas Eve. In addition, we pride ourselves in bringing the community together when we host our annual Carols and Candles Service. Our choir season is a busy one, and we couldn’t do it without the love and support of our church family.

This will be my third year as Choir Director, and I have found that this position brings meaning to my spiritual life, just as it brings musical fulfillment to my career. Music has always been a way for me to feel connected to something bigger than myself. Music allows me to channel my thoughts and prayers into something more than words: something that goes beyond you and me, and the choir. I think the members of the choir would say the same, and I hope that the members of our congregation would agree as well. If you find yourself moved by the music this year, please consider offering financial support to our music program here at First Congregational UCC.

Much love,
Kate Swope

UCC Dekalb